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HouseAre you interested in buying a home? It’s exciting to buy a home, but before you sign off on the dotted line, make sure that you are buying from a seller who has genuine rights to the property without any outstanding debts, liens or defects or conflicts of interest.

When there are problems with titles to property, you can incur financial loss and have restrictions placed on the use of your property. It is important that you are well informed prior to purchasing any real estate property.

We can help you with this. At Land Title of Florida, we will conduct a comprehensive title search for the property you are purchasing. With a title insurance policy, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your interests are safeguarded. We will determine any risks or title issues, prior to your purchase. At closing, you can be assured that your largest single investment will be free and clear of any liens or encumbrances.

Go from Deal to the Closing Table with Confidence!

Whether you are a realtor, homeowner, mortgage lender or broker, you may find the process of going from a real estate to final closing not as smooth as you would like it to be. Regain control of the process when you work with an effective, experienced and trusted partner. Land Title of Florida can help you minimize stress, enjoy the process and complete your transactions with confidence.  When you are ready to sell a property, it is important to check the history of ownership on the property and satisfy any existing and outstanding debts and liens before the actual sale. We can assist you with this process to make sure that all liens are satisfied and that you have all closing documents ready for your sale. We aim to make this process smoother and easier for you. At Land Title of Florida, we offer competitive pricing, excellent communication and amazing, friendly service.

Why Choose Us?

Experience, Quality and Integrity.

At Land Title of Florida, we provide exceptional service to our customers. We aim to close your real estate transactions like we would want our own closing to be handled – accurately, transparently and as smoothly as possible. We provide title reports, title insurance commitments, policies and settlement services for real estate transactions.

The employees of Land Title of Florida have the necessary expertise to meet or exceed compliance guidelines for lenders. We are fully TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure) compliant. We also meet ALTA Best Practices requirements. We protect lender interests against title defects through our careful and extensive review of all property records. We ensure the prompt and thorough execution of all necessary final loan documents and post closing and lender title policy issuance.

Land Title of Florida is underwritten by Chicago Title, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, the nation’s largest title underwriter.

Just a few of the benefits we offer.


    Work with a trusted partner so you can stay focused on making your real estate deals.


    Buying or selling a home? We can help you prepare for the sale and transfer ofyour real estate title.


    We are fully ALTA Best Practices and TRID compliant and protect lender interests to protect closing funds.


    We Search, Investigate and Advise You.

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Now with the newest Cloud technology we can offer secure ability to handle all the details while protecting private information. You no longer have to send countless FAX messages back and forth. There is no longer a need for endless rolls of stamps, hands on review of application information, correcting time consuming errors on required forms. So we went to work preparing the most efficient Title order software in the business.